Dan Puiu

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Successful path planning and object manipulation in service robotics applications rely both on a good estimation of the robot's position and orientation (pose) in the environment, as well as on a reliable understanding of the visualized scene. In this paper a robust real-time camera pose and scene structure estimation system is proposed. Firstly, the pose(More)
Geofencing is one of the components in the wider spectra of Ambient Assisted Living related applications. Such applications are meant to provide support to persons with disabilities or to those impaired, as well as to their caretakers. Within this context, geofencing targets the safe mobility of such persons. As mobility related data can be translated into(More)
In semiautonomous mobile sensor networks, since human operators may be involved in the control loop, particular improper actions may cause accidents and result in catastrophes. For such systems, this paper proposes a command filtering framework to accept or reject the human-issued commands so that undesirable executions are never performed. In the present(More)