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The paper presents a joints trajectories planning strategy for a redundant manipulator. The control system modifies, in real-time, the robot manipulator joints references positions, during a transition, when an unexpected moving obstacle is getting closer to one of the robot components (links and joints). The position of the moving objects is determined(More)
Geofencing is one of the components in the wider spectra of Ambient Assisted Living related applications. Such applications are meant to provide support to persons with disabilities or to those impaired, as well as to their caretakers. Within this context, geofencing targets the safe mobility of such persons. As mobility related data can be translated into(More)
Successful path planning and object manipulation in service robotics applications rely both on a good estimation of the robot’s position and orientation (pose) in the environment, as well as on a reliable understanding of the visualized scene. In this paper a robust real-time camera pose and scene structure estimation system is proposed. Firstly, the pose(More)
The main objective of this work is to develop a framework for supporting the development of applications for logistic companies that transport perishable goods (food and medicines). Reducing the amount of lost and damaged perishable goods during transportation and storage represents a substantial global challenge, which imply the implementation of cold(More)
The latest advances in the field of microelectronics and modern control systems demand for more flexible control architectures. As a result of that, the centralized control architectures are replaced by flexible distributed control systems based on intelligent drives and powerful communication networks. CAN network was designed for car networking in order(More)
This paper presents a framework for processing the data generated by Smart City sensors and IoT data streams in real-time. The scope of processing is to detect various event patterns from the raw data. The framework is extensible because at any moment new data sources can be registered or new specific event detection mechanism can be deployed. The framework(More)
In this paper we present the work done to develop a fault recovery component for the situation when the quality of the data streams from a smart city environment drops. The fault recovery component is able to generate estimated values when the stream generates invalid or missing observations. The component is easy to configure and deploy for a large number(More)
Due to the quick evolution of manufacturing processes, the demand for more flexible automation systems is on the rise. To answer these requirements, distributed motion control architecture based on intelligent drives tends more and more to replace the traditional solutions. This paper presents the control of an articulated arm robot with two local(More)