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BACKGROUND Tumours of nasal skin or mucosa are common, and can usually be treated with limited surgical excision or radiotherapy. This paper highlights a subset of high risk tumours which require rhinectomy for complete oncological clearance. METHOD Retrospective case note review of 14 patients undergoing rhinectomy for nasal tumours. Clinical and(More)
Though many of the melanomas encountered in the head and neck region are amenable to simple excision and direct closure or skin grafts, there is a subset of patients who are deemed complex cases in view of the large size of the tumour, depth of invasion or proximity to aesthetically and functionally important structures. This was a retrospective study which(More)
A dual-mode antenna design, utilizing a combination of differential- and common-mode excitations, is presented. This antenna offers the possibility to complex-combine both modes in order to obtain a near-hemispherical Field of View (FoV) coverage. A Single-Ended (SE) to Mixed-Mode (MM) transformation model is introduced to determine the MM radiation(More)
The performance of a dual-polarized quad-mode antenna, representing a potential array antenna element for wide scan-angle applications, is assessed. This analysis is carried out by investigating the utilization of the four available Transverse Electromagnetic (TEM) excitation modes, when beamforming for maximum gain, Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR), and(More)
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