Dan-Ping Zhang

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Based on an actual dataset of University human resource, this paper processes applying on university human resource management by reduces and categorizes features. It proposes the class label evaluating teachers' scientific research abilities. On this basis, we analyzed the data warehouse technologies and combined them with the pracical work. We described(More)
Rhodococcus sp. CGMCC 4911 transformed 1,3-propanediol cyclic sulfate (1,3-PDS) and its derivatives into corresponding diols. Ethylene sulfate, glycol sulfide, 1,3-PDS, and 1,2-propanediol cyclic sulfate were effectively hydrolyzed with growing cells. (R)-1,2-Propanediol (>99 % e.e.) was obtained at 44 % yield with growing cells. Glycol sulfide, ethylene(More)
Circadian rhythm, which is internally generated by cell autonomous biological clocks, has been greatly concerned in recent years. This circadian system in mammals is composed of a master pacemaker in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus and slave clocks in most peripheral cell types. The clock genes and their coding proteins compose the(More)
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