Dan-Ping Li

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Biofortification is a strategy for overcoming human zinc (Zn) deficiency, especially in rural areas of developing countries. Actually, biofortification by foliar Zn application has been demonstrated at small scale, but not at large scale due to the absence of economic analysis. Therefore, here, we conducted the first cost-effectiveness analysis using the(More)
In the hydro/solvothermally synthesized title compound, Na(4)[Cu(2)(H(2)Ge(2)O(7))(H(2)GeO(4))(2)]·H(2)O, the framework building units include CuO(4), GeO(2)(OH)(2) and GeO(3)(OH) tetra-hedra, the latter being condensed into H(2)Ge(2)O(7) (4-) dimers. All the tetra-hedra are connected by corner-sharing into four-membered-ring (4MR) secondary building units(More)
In the title compound, {(C(4)H(16)N(3))[La(SO(4))(3)(H(2)O)]}(n), the La atom adopts an irregular LaO(9) coordination geometry, including one bonded water mol-ecule. The three sulfate groups adopt both monodentate and bidentate coordination to the metal ions. Two of the sulfate groups serve as bridges in the (100) and (010) directions, yielding infinite(More)
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