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Solid freeform fabrication has the potential to revolutionize manufacturing, perhaps even to allow consumers to customize and manufacture goods cost-effectively in their own home. At present, the florescence of the technology is limited by a “chicken and egg” paradox. There is insufficient consumer demand and too narrow a range of applications for SFF(More)
This paper examines the possible applications of food as a raw material in freeform fabrication, and provides several demonstrations of edible three-dimensional objects. The use of edible materials offers several advantages: First, it opens the door to the application of SFF technology in custom food industry, such as manufacturing of complex confections(More)
WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: When mental health professionals leave organizations, detrimental effects on quality of patient care occur. Reasons for leaving include incivility, lack of autonomy, perceptions of unfair treatment and feeling psychologically unsafe at work. This paper sought to investigate additional reasons why mental health professionals(More)
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