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BACKGROUND To determine whether patients undergoing the lateral tunnel and extracardiac conduit modifications of the Fontan procedure have better outcomes than patients undergoing a classical atriopulmonary connection. METHODS AND RESULTS Between 1980 and 2000, 305 consecutive patients underwent a Fontan procedure at our institution. There were 10(More)
BACKGROUND Poor long-term outcomes are expected after Fontan surgery, but these perspectives have been tainted by the poorly functioning Fontans suffering from arrhythmias. No predictions of outcome can be quoted to the increasing number of Fontan patients free from arrhythmic complications. The parameters determining improved exercise capacity and quality(More)
OBJECTIVES Ultrasound-based screening is widely employed for the detection of congenital malformations in utero including congenital heart disease (CHD), but there is widespread variability in the efficacy of screening programs. We aimed to evaluate current antenatal detection rates of selected congenital heart defects in Victoria. METHODS Data were(More)
A list of technical reports, including some abstracts and copies of some full reports may be found at: Abstract. Quality data recorded in varied realistic environments is vital for effective human face related research. Currently available datasets for human facial expression analysis have been generated in highly controlled lab environments. We present a(More)
It has been claimed that Tonle Sap Lake is rapidly filling with sediment as a result of increasing sediment yields from the catchment. Infilling of the lake basin would have serious implications for the magnitude of flooding in central Cambodia and the Mekong Delta region and threaten the lake's unique ecosystem. In this article, we synthesize the results(More)
Microfossil and sedimentological data from a 3.1 m core extracted from a reservoir (baray) at the ancient Cambodian settlement of Angkor Borei in the Mekong Delta have provided a continuous record of sedimentation and paleoenvironments dating from about 2000 cal yr B.C. Palynological data indicate that for much of the cal. 1st and 2nd millennia B.C.(More)
We describe a newborn girl with incontinentia pigmenti (IP, MIM308300), unilateral acheiria, and fatal primary pulmonary hypertension. Limb deficiency has not been described previously in IP and pulmonary hypertension only on two previous occasions. A review of the cause of IP shows that these rare manifestations may not be unexpected, given the many roles(More)
A list of technical reports, including some abstracts and copies of some full reports may be found at: ABSTRACT We present a pilot study of delivering postgraduate medical training to doctors in developing countries using Internet-based videoconferencing. In the context of a multiple-component training program we delivered a lecture series in paediatric(More)