Dan Mueller

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Digital pathology provides new ways to visualize tissue slides and enables new workflows for analyzing these slides. Analogous to radiology, adjacent tissue sections prepared with different stains or biomarkers (e.g. H&E, IHC, special stains, or ISH; chromogenic or fluorescent) may be seen as different modalities, each representing different structural(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the ability of gadolinium-enhanced MR in detecting recurrent tumor in patients whose acoustic neuromas were surgically removed via the middle cranial fossa approach. PATIENTS AND METHODS Postoperative gadolinium-enhanced exams of 13 of 44 patients who underwent excision of acoustic neuromas via the middle cranial fossa approach were(More)
The authors studied the relationship between patient satisfaction and success of treatment in a group of out-patients consecutively admitted to two community mental health centers in California in 1975. The study is based on patient ratings of the satisfaction with treatment and the success of treatment at the second visit, the last visit, and follow-up, as(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the cause and clinical significance of arterial enhancement (AE) in contrast-enhanced T1-weighted MR examinations after acute cerebral ischemia. METHODS Contrast MR examinations and conventional angiograms of 17 patients studied following an acute ischemic event or an internal carotid occlusion were retrospectively reviewed. MR and(More)