Dan McCarty

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  • D McCarty
  • Annals of the rheumatic diseases
  • 1983
I have often imagined that nature is covered over with knitted material. If a loose thread can be located and pulled, one can see some of the underlying picture. With a bit of luck (and a research grant) one can, with the help of one's colleagues, continue to unravel the weave, row after row. Although none of us will live to see all of the picture, not even(More)
Coverage for methadone services in state Medicaid plans may facilitate access to the most effective therapy for heroin dependence. State Medicaid plans were reviewed to assess coverage for methadone services, methadone benefits in managed care, and limitations on methadone treatment. Medicaid does not cover methadone maintenance medication in 25 states (59(More)
Acute otitis externa is a common condition that can be extremely painful. When there is considerable canal oedema, packing is necessary to facilitate the passage of medication. The experience at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital is that ear wicks generally require removal in two to three days by medical staff and can be labour intensive as they often(More)
Given the rapidly changing landscape of both private and public health plan programs, it is foolhardy to suggest that a definitive characterization of managed care and substance abuse issues can be made. Among other topics, this article discusses goals of managed care organizations, managed care models, and physicians' roles in managed care.
Current guidelines recommend nephrology referral when eGFR <30mls/min. To determine the implications of this guideline on our nephrology unit which serves the Southern Health and Social Services Board (SHSSB) area of Northern Ireland (population 320, 000) we identified: (i) the number of patients in this area with an eGFR of 15-29 mls/min (stage 4 CKD) (ii)(More)
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