Dan McArthur

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Power analysis guides researchers in planning how much data to collect. This article describes BW-Power, a computer program for the Windows 95 environment that performs power analyses for research designs that may or may not include both between- and within-subjects factors. We discuss how BWPower easily accommodates both between- and within-subjects(More)
The Precautionary Principle is a guide to coping with scientific uncertainties in the assessment and management of risks. In recent years, it has moved to the forefront of debates in policy and applied ethics, becoming a key normative tool in policy discussions in such diverse areas as medical and scientific research, health and safety regulation,(More)
All agree that if the Milgram experiments were proposed today they would never receive approval from a research ethics board. However, the results of the Milgram experiments are widely cited across a broad range of academic literature from psychology to moral philosophy. While interpretations of the experiments vary, few commentators, especially(More)
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