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Procaine has opposite effects on the active transport of Na+ when applied on the mucosal side of the frog skin [where it produces a stimulation of the short-circuit current (I sc)] or when added on the serosal side (where it produces an inhibition ofI sc). In an attempt to reveal and localize the primary effect of procaine on either the apical or(More)
Thermal applications of Solar Energy have gained attention in the last decades due to economical and ecological reasons. In order to be competitive with respect to fossil fuel-based power systems, investment and O&M costs have to drop. We propose an economic assessment of two thermal solar systems designed for operation in the western part of Romania.(More)
In this paper the problem of entropy changes in a nerve fibre when an action potential is taking place is analysed. A probability field associated with the ionic distribution in the axoplasma and the extracellular space is defined. The total variation of its entropy can be computed on the basis of Gibbs' distribution of ions in the system. The final formula(More)
PV power systems have gained much attention in the last decades due to the clean operation and potential benefits in fossil fuel and greenhouse gas sparings. An economic analysis of grid-connected, small-scale, residential PV systems is proposed, based on the levelized cost of energy is proposed. Economy in gas emission is also estimated. All calculations(More)
Functional characterization of membrane channels by patch clamp techniques has revealed great diversity of transmitter or Voltage gated channels in native membranes. Concomitantly recombinant DNA techniques revealed a plethora of genes encoding channel subunits. Thus functional diversity within a particular class of channels may be generated by families of(More)
The kinetics of water replacement with heavy water (deuterium oxide) in the gastrocnemius and sartorius muscles of the frog under isotonic conditions, studied both gravimetrically and by infrared photometry, reveals three water compartments: (i) non-exchangeable (≈ 80 ml/kg fresh weight), (ii) slowly exchanging (≈ 500 ml/kg fresh weight), (iii) rapid(More)