Dan M. Nessett

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We present a new security technology called the Multilayer Firewall. We argue that it is useful in some situations for which other approaches, such as cryptographically protected communications, present operational or economic difficulties. In other circumstances a Multilayer Firewall can compliment such security technology by providing additional(More)
We describe ELROS, an embedded language for programming distributed applications using remote operations (ISO 9072-1 and 9072-2). The motivation for this work is the development of both large scale scientific distributed applications as well as ISO application protocol implementations. We compare our work with other systems, such as ISODE and DAS, that(More)
Active Networking is a new technology receiving significant attention from the research community. To this point, however, it has not been examined from the perspective of commercial viability. This paper presents an analysis of active networking issues with a view to its possible uses in a commercial environment. It then describes a prototype system built(More)
The use of heterogeneous distributed systems is a promising approach to significantly increase computational performance of scientific applications. However, one key to this strategy is to minimize the percentage of time spent by an application moving data between machines. This percentage is composed of two parts: 1) the time to translate data between the(More)