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Some skin lesions over the spine are known to be associated with occult spinal dysraphism, but the significance of common skin lesions, such as sacral pits and dimples, is uncertain. In this prospective study, 95 neonates (1.9% of 4989 live births) were referred with possible markers of occult spinal dysraphism. Seven of 94 babies examined had abnormalities(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare performance and cost analysis of two gentamicin regimens in infants >/=34 weeks' gestation requiring antibiotics for a 72-hour rule-out sepsis evaluation. A once-daily dosing (ODD) regimen of 4 mg/kg was compared with a standard twice-daily dosing (TDD) regimen of 2.5 mg/kg every 12 hours. SETTING AND DESIGN Infants at two(More)
A 4 year old boy developed a profound motor neuropathy after repeated deliberate inhalation of petroleum vapour. The condition was characterised by extreme slowing of the nerve conduction velocity. He made a gradual recovery over six months. The neuropathy was attributed to the N-hexane component of petroleum.
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to summarize eight cases of fatal meconium aspiration syndrome where pathologic review showed evidence of chronic prenatal disease and to compare these findings with those of a group of control infants and fetuses who died of other causes. STUDY DESIGN A 15-year retrospective chart review identified the infants who died of(More)
Two patients with salt-losing adrenal hyperplasia are reported. The occurrence of this condition among Blacks in Southern Africa has not yet been recorded. Both patients presented in the first month of life with dehydration, although they did not have diarrhoea. One was a boy, and the other a girl who had signs of virilisation. The typical biochemical(More)
In a survey of 289 severely head injured children the prevalence of significant tremor was estimated to be at least 45%. The tremor appeared at any time within the first 18 months after injury and in at least half the cases it subsequently subsided spontaneously. The implications of these findings are to question the mechanism of recovery and suggest that(More)