Dan Livingstone

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This paper will present a survey of electronic music and sonic art applications of Cellular Automata in the MIDI domain, and of the implications of that work for future developments. Algorithmic and computational processes have been of interest to artists in the audio domain for many years, creating an emerging culture of algorithmic generative electronic(More)
As new forms of social interaction with sound are developed through hardware, software and ubiquitous technologies it follows that emergent behavior, gesture capture and motion tracking will increasingly play a compositional role within generative and reactive sound environments. This case study defines an adaptive system, which enables participants within(More)
Haptic and Gestural interfaces offer new and novel ways of interacting with and creating new musical forms. Increasingly it is the integration of these interfaces with more complex adaptive systems or dynamically variable social contexts that provide significant opportunities for socially mediated composition through conscious and subconscious interaction.(More)
Gesture capture, motion tracking and 3D visualisation technologies have generated many new musical forms, often extending the mannerisms or behaviours of a given performer or discipline, providing new compositional frameworks for real time synthesis in response to action. In many cases these approaches are presented within a single domain, a live stage(More)
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