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OBJECTIVE To analyze the epidemiological characteristics of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak in the Republic of Korea in 2015 and provide related information for the public health professionals in China. METHODS The incidence data of MERS were collected from the websites of the Korean government, WHO and authoritative media in Korea for(More)
Cell transplantation has been suggested to display several neuroprotective and/or neuroregenerative effects in animal models of central nervous system (CNS) trauma. However, while most studies report on clinical observations, currently little is known regarding the actual fate of the cell populations grafted and whether or how the brain's innate immune(More)
Although cell transplantation is increasingly suggested to be beneficial for the treatment of various neurodegenerative diseases, the therapeutic application of such intervention is currently hindered by the limited knowledge regarding central nervous system (CNS) transplantation immunology. In this study, we aimed to investigate the early post(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the expression of MAP2K4 and vimentin in human endometrial carcinoma (EC) and their association with the clinicopathological features and prognosis of the patients. METHODS MAP2K4 and vimentin expressions were detected immunohistochemically in paraffin-embedded tissue sections from 128 patients with EC, and the correlation of MAP2K4(More)
At present, it is commonly accepted that atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by disorder of the arterial wall. As one of the inflammatory cytokines of the tumor necrosis factor superfamily, tumor necrosis factor-like weak inducer of apoptosis (TWEAK) participates in the formation and progression of atherosclerosis. TWEAK, when(More)
Objective: To study the spatial and temporal mode of infectious TB transmission in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Guangxi). Methods: Data related to infectious TB case (Include smear and/or culture positive patients) in Guangxi were collected from the National Notifiable Disease Reported System (NNDRS) from 2010 to 2015. Spatial-temporal analysis and(More)
OBJECTIVE Mitochondrial Ca2+ overload is implicated in hyperglycaemia-induced endothelial cell dysfunction, but the key molecular events responsible remain unclear. We examined the involvement of mitochondrial calcium uniporter, which mediates mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake, in endothelial cell dysfunction resulting from high-glucose treatment. METHODS Human(More)
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