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Parabix (parallel bit streams for XML) is an open-source XML parser that employs the SIMD (single-instruction multiple-data) capabilities of modern-day commodity processors to deliver dramatic performance improvements over traditional byte-at-a-time parsing technology. Byte-oriented character data is first transformed to a set of 8 parallel bit streams,(More)
Software data structures are a critical aspect of emerging data-centric applications which makes it imperative to improve the energy efficiency of data delivery. We propose SQRL, a hardware accelerator that integrates with the last-level-cache (LLC) and enables energy-efficient iterative computation on data structures. SQRL integrates a data(More)
Parallel bit stream algorithms exploit the SWAR (SIMD within a register) capabilities of commodity processors in high-performance text processing applications such as UTF-8 to UTF-16 transcoding, XML parsing, string search and regular expression matching. Direct architectural support for these algorithms in future SWAR instruction sets could further(More)
Modern applications employ text files widely for providing data storage in a readable format for applications ranging from database systems to mobile phones. Traditional text processing tools are built around a byte-at-a-time sequential processing model that introduces significant branch and cache miss penalties. Recent work has explored an alternative,(More)
A parallel scanning method using the concept of bitstream addition is introduced and studied in application to the problem of XML parsing and well-formedness checking. On processors supporting W -bit addition operations, the method can perform up to W finite state transitions per instruction. The method is based on the concept of parallel bitstream(More)
A new parallel algorithm for regular expression matching is developed and applied to the classical grep (global regular expression print) problem. Building on the bitwise data parallelism previously applied to the manual implementation of token scanning in the Parabix XML parser, the new algorithm represents a general solution to the problem of regular(More)
The Open Mathematical Engine Interface (OMEI) aims to establish a uniform application programming interface (API) for heterogeneous mathematical computation engines. A common API such as OMEI can make mathematical engines easily accessible by front-ends, tools, and servers. It also enables the development of individual applications that can serve or utilize(More)
The expanding use of location-based services has profound implications on the privacy of personal information. If no adequate protection is adopted, information about movements of specific individuals could be disclosed to unauthorized subjects or organizations, thus resulting in privacy breaches. In this paper, we provide an overview of a framework for(More)