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The goal of content extraction or boilerplate detection is to separate the main content from navigation chrome, advertising blocks, copyright notices and the like in web pages. In this paper we explore a machine learning approach to content extraction that combines diverse feature sets and methods. Our main contributions are: a) preliminary results that(More)
An independently developed and previously validated QRS scoring system for estimating myocardial infarct size has been used to compare the development and regression of changes associated with myocardial infarcts occurring in 2 different clinical settings. It is known that QRS changes suggesting myocardial infarction occur after coronary artery bypass(More)
Rendering mathematical primitives should be as easy as describing them. There are several tools available for doing much of this but there is still room for improvement in interactivity, flexibility and robustness. WebGL + plot = WebGLot seeks to fill this role, providing a library for function plotting and data visualization while maintaining flexibly and(More)
Over the last few decades, advanced nursing practitioners (ANP) have developed new roles in health care systems and this tendency is continuing to grow. Postgraduate trainedANP interact directly with the person, i.e. the individual and his/her family - in many fields of practice and in a context of collaboration withfellow nurses and other health care(More)
714 pneumococcus were listed from 14 laboratories between the 1 June 1997 and the 31 May 1998. Data capture was done on Epi info software and concerned age, file number, consultation/hospitalization, sample type, susceptibility to oxacilline (5 micrograms), the results of the E-test for penicillin G, amoxicillin, cefotaxime and the results of the routine(More)
The use of a Nursing Model (NM) for nursing administration offers direct and indirect benefits for patients as for nurses. Depending the chosen NM, the concepts of person, health, nursing and environment are very different. Each NM has its special vision of the practice of nursing. The study investigated whether the Chief Nursing Officers (CNO) of the(More)
The humanistic partnership model in health care has been jointly developed by nursing professionals and partner patients. In line with the evolution of our society and nursing thinking, it provides a new implementation of the discipline's core concepts and invites professionals and partner patients to "move together towards" a co-constructed future which is(More)
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