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This commentary argues that a standardized tool such as Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) is not always required to make the diagnosis of autism, which can be made by obtaining a thorough history and performing an astute clinical examination as William Osler, founder of John Hopkins School of Medicine, taught or Dr. Leo Kanner practiced.
The forces of technology and changing payor requirements continue to move many surgical procedures to the ambulatory setting. The American Hospital Association's Hospital Statistics, 1991-92 indicates that more than half of all surgeries are now performed on an ambulatory or outpatient basis. Hospital-based ambulatory surgery programs must learn to fully(More)
How can we produce high quality, full-inquiry cycle science experiences (called immersion units) for all students in large urban school districts given the current realities of US education in urban settings? The function of the paper is to bring curriculum designers, learning scientists, and school districts onto the same page for future coordinated(More)
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