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A histological grading system of oesophageal sarcomas has not been established. Thirty-two cases of oesophageal sarcomas have been reviewed for tumour characteristics and clinical outcome. Nineteen dogs underwent surgical intervention to remove oesophageal tumours; ten of them survived (median 278 days). Primary tumour types included osteosarcoma (47%),(More)
Clinical and pathological findings (anorexia, hemorrhage, lethargy, loss of orientation and exophthalmia) indicated that Streptococcus iniae type II is responsible for a fatal disease in rainbow trout. Histopathological findings revealed that S. iniae type II produces a systemic disease, including a diffuse necrotizing myositis. The distribution of viable(More)
By constructing a biological model based on in vitro culture of polarized rainbow trout primary skin epithelial cell monolayers, the series of early events that precede Streptococcus iniae infection, particularly colonization and translocation through external barriers, were analyzed. Streptococcus iniae promptly invades skin epithelial cells, but the rapid(More)
The role of various reptilian species in the infectious cycle of several arboviruses is documented, but their role in that of West Nile virus (WNV) is uncertain. Common garter snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis) were infected subcutaneously with 10(5) plaque forming units (PFU) WNV-Isr 98, five of nine snakes became viremic, and five exhibited persistent low(More)
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