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In neurons, microtubules (MTs) span the length of both axons and dendrites, and the molecular motors use these intracellular 'highways' to transport diverse cargo to the appropriate subcellular locations. Whereas axonal MTs are organized such that the plus-end is oriented out from the cell body, dendrites exhibit a mixed MTs polarity containing both(More)
Stereotyped synaptic connectivity can arise both by precise recognition between appropriate partners during synaptogenesis and by selective synapse elimination. The molecular mechanisms that underlie selective synapse removal are largely unknown. We found that stereotyped developmental elimination of synapses in the Caenorhabditis elegans(More)
Despite its dual role in determining cell fate in a wide array of solid cancer cell lines, autophagy has been robustly shown to suppress or kill acute myeloid leukemia cells via degradation of the oncogenic fusion protein that drives leukemogenesis. However, autophagy also induces the demise of acute leukemia cells that do not express the known fusion(More)
In an ADP-ribosylation reaction, we have observed the radiolabelling of a protein in a crude bovine brain homogenate, which upon two-dimensional gel electrophoresis migrated with an acidic pI (< 4.5) and an apparent molecular mass (80-90 kDa) consistent with the properties of the myristoylated, alanine-rich, protein kinase C substrate protein termed MARCKS.(More)
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