Dan Kuylenstierna

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—Oscillator phase noise (PN) is one of the major problems that affect the performance of communication systems. In this paper, a direct connection between oscillator measurements , in terms of measured single-side band PN spectrum, and the optimal communication system performance, in terms of the resulting error vector magnitude (EVM) due to PN, is(More)
—This paper investigates the effect of oscillator phase noise and channel variations due to fading on the performance of communication systems at frequency bands higher than 10GHz. Phase noise and channel models are reviewed and technology-dependent bounds on the phase noise quality of radio oscil-lators are presented. Our study shows that, in general, both(More)
—Single-chip 60 GHz transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) MMICs have been designed and characterized in a 0.15 m (120 GHz/ MAX 200 GHz) GaAs mHEMT MMIC process. This paper describes the second generation of single-chip TX and RX MMICs together with work on packaging (e.g., flip-chip) and system measurements. Compared to the first generation of the designs in a(More)
Front Cover: The figure on the front cover is the distorted received signal constellation of a 16-QAM communication system due to transmitter and receiver oscillator phase noise. ABSTRACT The continuous increase in demand for higher data rates due to applications with massive number of users motivates the design of faster and more spectrum efficient(More)
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