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MAPK signal transduction modules play crucial roles in regulating many biological processes in plants, and their components are encoded by highly conserved genes. The recent availability of genome sequences for rice and poplar now makes it possible to examine how well the previously described Arabidopsis MAPK and MAPKK gene family structures represent the(More)
Studies in our laboratory as well as others strongly suggest that salicylic acid (SA) plays an important signaling role in plant defense against pathogens. We have found that increases in endogenous SA levels correlates with both resistance of tobacco to infection with tobacco mosaic virus and induction of defense-related genes such as that encoding(More)
Systemic movement of plant viruses is a central event in viral infection. To better understand this process, the heavy metal cadmium was used to inhibit systemic spread of turnip vein clearing virus (TVCV), a tobamovirus, in tobacco plants. Study of the mechanism by which cadmium exerts this inhibitory effect may provide insights into the essential steps of(More)
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