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  • Karl E Weick, Dan Katz, Ted Newcomb, Ren Likert, Lance Sandelands, Debra Meyerson +6 others
  • 2004
and the anonymous ASQ reviewers for their he lp with later drafts. The death of 13 men in the Mann Gulch fire disaster, made famous in Norman Maclean's Young Men and Fire, is analyzed as the interactive disintegration of role structure and sensemaking in a minimal organization. Four potential sources of resilience that make groups less vulnerable to(More)
The Office of Financial Research (OFR) Working Paper Series allows members of the OFR staff and their coauthors to disseminate preliminary research findings in a format intended to generate discussion and critical comments. Papers in the OFR Working Paper Series are works in progress and subject to revision. Views and opinions expressed are those of the(More)
  • Yonatan Lupu, Erik Voeten, Edmund A Walsh, Chris Fariss, James Fowler, Larry Helfer +5 others
  • 2012
Why and how do international courts justify decisions with citations to their own case law? We argue that, like domestic review courts, international courts use precedent at least in part to convince 'lower' (domestic) courts of the legitimacy of judgements. Several empirical observations are consistent with this view, which are examined through a network(More)
All figures and tables included in this chapter have been used with permission from Pelagique, LLC, the UCLA Center for International Medicine, and/or the authors, unless otherwise noted. Disclaimer The opinions and views expressed herein belong solely to those of the authors. They are not nor should they be implied as being endorsed by the Defense, or any(More)
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