Dan Johansson

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Mobility exists in many shapes; when migrating a running application (code, states and data) from one device to another, one has achieved application mobility. In this article we combine this mobility type with context awareness, defining context awareness supported application mobility (CASAM) as when using context in the act of moving an application(More)
In the future, application mobility can play a crucial role and prove to be an enabler for next generation distributed applications. Application mobility lets an application follow the users while they roam between networks using several devices. In order to achieve seamless application mobility, several issues need to be considered such as device(More)
—The e-service area is faced with unique challenges and opportunities as a new mobile IT-landscape emerges. Technical challenges such as heterogeneous devices and networks, scalability and ability to deliver e-services anytime, anywhere to the users must be met with the careful design of functional application platforms and means of distributing e-services(More)
—When migrating applications between devices during runtime, one has achieved application mobility. In this paper we present the XAM system, providing application mobility through a peer-to-peer based solution over heterogeneous networks. Our architecture takes into consideration established requirements of application mobility, being application(More)
—Services based on new information technology offering audio and video modality are viewed among the most important today. When users change location or device there is a need to keep these media sessions active. The main purpose of this article is to present a lightweight framework that allows session mobility through making profit of the cloud and(More)
In this paper we present a case study of a location-dependent service, aimed for tourists. Two applications are developed, one based on native technologies, the other on HTML5 and related frameworks. We provide implementation details and compare the different solutions in terms of location support, compliance with required features, and cross-platform(More)