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With the constraints of network topologies and link capacities, achieving the optimal end-to-end throughput in data networks has been known as a fundamental but computationally hard problem. In this paper, we seek efficient solutions to the problem of achieving optimal throughput in data networks, with single or multiple unicast, multicast and broadcast(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate variants in the LRPAP1, CTSH, LEPREL1, ZNF644, SLC39A5, and SCO2 genes in 298 unrelated patients with early-onset high myopia (eoHM). METHODS Genomic DNA from 298 patients with eoHM was analyzed by whole exome sequencing. Variants in LRPAP1, CTSH, LEPREL1, ZNF644, SLC39A5, and SCO2 genes were selected and analyzed with bioinformatics.(More)
Leaf morphology is closely associated with cell division. In rice, mutations in Narrow leaf 1 (NAL1) show narrow leaf phenotypes. Previous studies have shown that NAL1 plays a role in regulating vein patterning and increasing grain yield in indica cultivars, but its role in leaf growth and development remains unknown. In this report, we characterized two(More)
PURPOSE This study was to investigate the clinicopathologic significance and potential role of HOXB7 in the development and progression of colorectal cancer (CRC). EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN The relationship between HOXB7 expression and clinical characteristics of CRC was analyzed in 224 paraffin-embedded archived CRC specimens by immunohistochemistry (IHC). The(More)
Halophyte, like Salicornia europaea, could make full use of marginal saline land for carbon fixation. How the photosynthesis of S. europaea is regulated under high salinity implicates a significant aspect to exploit this pioneer plant in future. Measurement of photosynthesis parameters demonstrated the reduction of photosynthesis for the 0 and 800 mM NaCl(More)
High fluorescence quantum yield graphene quantum dots (GQDs) have showed up as a new generation for bioimaging. In this work, luminescent GQDs were prepared by an ameliorative photo-Fenton reaction and a subsequent hydrothermal process using graphene oxide sheets as the precursor. The as-prepared GQDs were nanomaterials with size ranging from 2.3 to 6.4 nm(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the bio-safety of graphene quantum dots (GQDs), we studied its effects on the embryonic development of zebrafish. METHODS In vivo, biodistribution and the developmental toxicity of GQDs were investigated in embryonic zebrafish at exposure concentrations ranging from 12.5-200 μg/mL for 4-96 h post-fertilization (hpf). The mortality,(More)
Preparative high-speed counter-current chromatography (HSCCC) coupled with evaporative light scattering detection (ELSD) was successfully applied to the isolation and purification of four triterpene saponins from Clematis mandshurica by one-step separation. The solvent system was composed of ethyl acetate-n-butanol-ethanol-0.05% TFA (5:10:2:20, v/v). The(More)
PURPOSE Two recent large-scale genome-wide association studies identified significant associations between myopia and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) near the PRSS56, BMP3, KCNQ5, LAMA2, TOX, TJP2, RDH5, ZIC2, RASGRF1, GJD2, RBFOX1, and SHISA6 genes. Our study is to examine whether rare variants in these genes contribute to high myopia. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a self-administered quality of life instrument for patients with liver cancer. METHODS The programmed decision procedure, the theory and methodology in developing rating scale were used to establish the instrument. On the basis of the data from 105 liver cancer patients, the psychometric properties of the scale were evaluated by(More)