Dan J. Blanchon

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We studied the evolutionary history of the Parmeliaceae (Lecanoromycetes, Ascomycota), one of the largest families of lichen-forming fungi with complex and variable morphologies, also including several lichenicolous fungi. We assembled a six-locus data set including nuclear, mitochondrial and low-copy protein-coding genes from 293 operational taxonomic(More)
This report is based upon a clinical case series describing five patients who volitionally adultered cannabis with a variety of compounds that shared a common trait-cholinergic modulation. They included a nicotinic agonist, muscarinic antagonist and antiacetylcholinesterase compounds. Some of these compounds (e.g. tobacco) are known to exert pharmacokinetic(More)
Mangrove forests of a single trees species, Avicennia marina subsp. australasica are widespread in the upper North Island of New Zealand, but there is little available information on the diversity of epiphytes such as lichens within them. A survey of 200 trees from 20 mangrove sites recorded a total of 106 lichen species from 45 genera. Two of these species(More)
Please cite this article as: Glenn D. Aguilar, Dan J. Blanchon, Hamish Foote, Christina W. Pollonais, Asia N. Mosee , A performance based consensus approach for predicting spatial extent of the Chinese windmill palm (Trachycarpus fortunei) in New Zealand under climate change. The address for the corresponding author was captured as affiliation for all(More)
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