Dan I. Porat

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The symbiosis between giant sea anemones and anemonefish on coral reefs is well known, but little information exists on impacts of this interaction on the sea anemone host. On a coral reef at Eilat, northern Red Sea, individuals of the sea anemone Entacmaea quadricolor that possessed endemic anemonefish Amphiprion bicinctus expanded their tentacles(More)
Few studies have been published regarding the importance of oral hygiene education for dental students and little is known about the influence of dental education in dental schools on students' attitudes to the subject. The objective of the present research was to examine the changes that occur in the attitudes of Israeli dental students toward their dental(More)
The electronics of a secondary trigger for particle physics is described. The system has several desirable features that solve track recognition problems in situations where several subsystems of various cell configurations participate in the decision making. Track curvature and multiplicity are the criteria used. Versatility is attained through the use of(More)
  • W. Bacino, A. Baumgarten, +20 authors C. Zupancict
  • 1999
W. Bacino, A. Baumgarten, L. Birkwood, C. Buchanan, R. Burns,? M. Chronoviat, P. Condon, R. Coombes, P. Cowell,* A. Diamant-Bergeri/ M. Faessler, ff T . Ferguson, A. Hall, J. Hauptman, J. Kirkby, J. Kirz, 0 3. Liu, ** L. Nodulman, D. Ouimette, D. Porat, C. Rasmussen, M. Schwartz, W. Slater, H.K. Ticho, S. Wojcicki, C. Zupancict? Stanford Linear Accelerator(More)
The charge asymmetry in the decay KL-n*,u'v has been measured to be (2.78hO.51) X 10s3, leading to a value of Re E in good agreement with the results from the Kl-2n decay modes. We present herewith a measurement of the CP violating charge asymmetry in the decay Kt-WV. This quantity can be directly related to the fundamental parameters describing the K "-K "(More)
One hundred thirty-six 5- to 10-year-old Israeli male and female children were given three black and white photographs of a highway, a column of identical tanks, and a row of elephants, and were asked some questions on each one of the photographs in order to elicit responses of three-dimensional perception. The results showed a clear developmental pattern,(More)
A 20-plane wire chamber spectrometer utilizing capacitors as memory elements and suitable for operation in a magnetic field is described. The (parallel) wire planes are separated by N 1 cm. The active areas of the chambers range in size from 120 X I20 cm2 t0 200 x 240 cm2, The wire separation is 1 mm. Each readout wire is connected to a separate capacitor(More)
In an experiment for the detection of n-u Coulomb bound states ‘, it is required to select rare events of n-p atoms in the presence of a high background of y rays and highly energetic pions and muons, A thin aluminum foil in the path of the ~r-u atoms (see Fig. 1) dissociates the TI and u making their detection possible. The uncoupled pion and muon emerge(More)
  • NANOSECOND PULSES, D. Porat, K. Hense
  • 1968
The time integral of nanosecond pulses is digitized with a linearity, resolution and stability < 1%. The sensitivity of the circuit is 1.2 pCoul/ count. The circuit can also be utilized for measurement of short time intervals. In this mode its sensitivity, for standard logic pulses (0.7 volts), is N SO ps/count. (To. be submitted to Nuclear Instruments and(More)
For IT+ = Rate (I$-+IT'~'v), we have measured the charge asymmetry, tj I ($T'-)/($+ r-), to be (+ 0.28 k 0.05)s. Such an asymmetry is evidence of CP violation. We have compared our result with previous CP violation experiments in this and other decay modes of the neutral kaon. We find consistency among the experiments, and consistency with the predictiocs(More)