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Few studies have verified the validity of behavioral and physiological methods of pain assessment in cattle. This prospective, blinded, randomized controlled experimental study aimed to validate different methods of pain assessment during acute and chronic (up to 21 d postintervention) conditions in dairy cattle, in response to 3 analgesic treatments for(More)
Mendeley's crowd-sourced catalogue of research papers forms the basis of features such as the ability to search for papers, finding papers related to one currently being viewed and personalised recommendations. In order to generate this catalogue it is necessary to deduplicate the records uploaded from users' libraries and imported from external sources(More)
BACKGROUND Defecatory disorders can be diagnosed by rectal balloon expulsion (BE) and anorectal manometry, which are traditionally evaluated in the seated and left lateral (LL) positions, respectively. The aims of this study were to compare BE in the LL and seated positions and to compare anorectal manometric parameters to BE performed in the seated and LL(More)
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