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The trend in science and engineering applications has been to produce larger data sets, since computers and imaging technology are getting faster and storage space is increasing. Large amounts of data are difficult to visualize, and it is impossible to directly visualize them on inexpensive computers. Many visualization techniques exist that visualize(More)
3D models of CYP2E1 were constructed for the purpose of structure-based prediction of 2E1 metabolism of diverse substrates based on configuration sampling of ligand-atom-oxyferryl center distances and quantum chemical criteria. Models were constructed on the basis of sequence alignments of 2E1 with templates of known structure, including rabbit CYP2C5(More)
Acoustic feedback is capable of driving an electroacoustic amplification system unstable. Inserting a frequency shifter into the feedback loop can increase the maximum stable gain before instability. In this paper, we explain how frequency shifting can effectively smooth out the feedback loop magnitude response, and how this relates to the system stability.(More)
Market manipulation is a poorly understood phenomenon, due in part to legal standards that categorize manipulative behavior as either an act of outright fraud or as the nebulous use of market power to produce an artificial price. In this paper, we consider a third type of behavior that can trigger a manipulation – uneconomic trading. We demonstrate that(More)
Alcohol misuse is a common presentation to the Emergency Department (ED). The International Classification of Diseases ICD-10 for alcohol misuse, both under F10 and Y90/Y91, is not straightforward. The practicalities of coding ED attendances reveal an increasing detachment from ICD-10 (currently under review). Early identification [sometimes using blood(More)
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