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Telomeres are DNA repeats protecting chromosomal ends which shorten with each cell division, eventually leading to cessation of cell growth. We present a population mixture model that predicts an exponential decrease in telomere length with time. We analytically solve the dynamics of the telomere length distribution. The model provides an excellent fit to(More)
The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 500 million malaria tests are performed annually. While microscopy and rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) are the main diagnostic approaches, no single method is inexpensive, rapid, and highly accurate. Two recent studies from our group have demonstrated a prototype computer vision platform that meets those(More)
D the process of withdrawing fluids from tanks, surface distortion and subsequent gas ingestion have been observed in situations where no liquid rotation was present. The distortion takes the form of a depression of the liquid surface over the outlet, which leads to ingestion of gas in the outlet line before all of the liquid has drained from the tank. This(More)
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