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Individualization of instruction of mentally handicapped adolescents may be facilitated by understanding of relevant variables associated with the learning skills required for coping with community life. This study explores the relationship between knowledge of such skills and locus of control (belief concerning the relative contribution of chance or others(More)
Let me say from the outset that this is an excellent book to read. It is not only informative, as it should be for a book on forecasting, but it is highly entertaining. It provides a review of some of the worst forecasts in history, and also gives a fairly personal account of a number of " ordinary " individuals that Philip Tetlock got to know rather well(More)
This study examined the relationship between performance in a training program (class rank) and intelligence-skills (Purdue Pegboard, Weschler, a work-behavior rating scale) for a group of handicapped students "mainstreamed" into two regular vocational-technical high school programs IQ type of disability, work-personal behaviors ratings and prior academic(More)
Twitch.tv, a streaming platform known for video game content, has grown tremendously since its inception in 2011. We examine communication practices in Twitch chats for the popular game Hearthstone, comparing massive chats with at least 10,000 concurrent viewers and small chats with fewer than 2,000 concurrent viewers. Due to the large scale and fast pace(More)