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Serious hemorrhage and vascular complications after abciximab therapy are associated with elevated activated clotting time values. Our preliminary experience suggests that low-dose intravenous protamine administration is both safe and effective in reducing elevated in-laboratory activated clotting time values and the potential for serious hemorrhage in(More)
Renal failure is a rare complication associated with the use of rifampicin for the treatment of tuberculosis, usually occurring well into the course of therapy. The following is a report of 2 cases of rifampicin-induced renal insufficiency. In the first case oligo-anuric renal failure occurred on the thirteenth day of treatment, after the patient had taken(More)
The capabilities of arcjet propulsion systems »ere recently extended to accommodate operation on the NASDA Data Relay Test Satellite (DRTS) providing a power bus voltage 'TM'" an , 57 5 VDC This paper summarizes the newly attained qualification status of the MRSU arcjet system demonstrating the flexibility of the current design. A redesign of the Power(More)
Major trials evaluating antihypertensive therapy are reviewed, and the current issues surrounding the choice of therapy in mild and isolated systolic hypertension are discussed. Several major trials have shown that patients with mild hypertension benefit from therapy. These results have prompted widespread use of antihypertensive agents; however, there are(More)
A patient developed a psychotic-like reaction immediately after receiving an intramuscular injection of procaine penicillin G. The patient complained of a metallic taste, dizziness, ringing of the ears, and the fear of imminent death. No cardiovascular or pulmonary disturbances were noted. The reaction and all symptoms resolved within 15 minutes, and the(More)
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