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The mutants used to show that phosphoglucose isomerase, and glucose itself, are not essential components of Escherichia coli had not been characterized genetically, other than by mapping. We now describe two new pgi mutants, one amber and the other a Mu-phage insertion, presumably both complete inactivation mutations. The new mutations do not give a(More)
The linearized Poisson-Boltzmann (L-PB) equation is examined for its κ-range of validity (κ, Debye reciprocal length). This is done for the Debye-Hückel (DH) theory, i.e., using a single ion size, and for the SiS treatment (D. Fraenkel, Mol. Phys. 2010, 108, 1435), which extends the DH theory to the case of ion-size dissimilarity (therefore dubbed DH-SiS).(More)
BACKGROUND Setting of graded levels of a protein for in vivo studies by controlled gene expression has inconveniences, and we here explore the use of the t-degron technique instead. RESULTS In a yeast t-degron (ubiquitin-argDHFR(ts))- phosphoglycerate mutase (GPM1) fusion strain, increasing periods of exposure to the non-permissive temperature 37 degrees(More)
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