Dan F. Walters

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With the growth of the low altitude remote sensing (LARS) industry in recent years, their practical application in precision agriculture seems all the more possible. However, only a few scientists have reported using LARS to monitor crop conditions. Moreover, there have been concerns regarding the feasibility of such systems for producers given the issues(More)
Securing safe and adequate drinking water is an ongoing issue for many Canadian First Nations communities despite nearly 15 years of reports, studies, policy changes, financial commitments, and regulations. The federal drinking water evaluation scheme is narrowly scoped, ignoring community level social factors, which may play a role in access to safe water(More)
Engineers (IEEE) standards and updated as a result of three U.S. Navy project iterations. The plan's ideas and format are the result of these iterations, and they incorporate CMM concepts and reduced document maintenance costs. The comprehensive plan covers the full spectrum of IV&V project involvement but can easily be tailored to any level of IV&V effort.(More)
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