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This qualitative study describes how doctors and nurses report their contribution to treatment decision-making processes when patients have advanced cancer. Thirteen nurses and eight doctors involved in cancer treatment and palliation in one geographical location in New Zealand participated in the study. Data were collected using qualitative in-depth,(More)
Constrictive pericarditis, although still a relatively rare disease, continues to be a clinical problem that most practicing cardiologists may encounter. A major clinical clue to diagnosis is the continued elevation of the central venous pressure after adequate diuresis. The diagnosis is further supported by (1) prominent X and Y descents in the jugular(More)
A case is presented of a low birth weight infant born prematurely with depressed respiration, sinus bradycardia, and hypoglycemia associated with maternal propranolol therapy during pregnancy and up until labor and delivery. The need for caution in the casual use of propranolol during pregnancy in an asymptomatic patient with IHSS and the potential fetal(More)
Although the motion of the left ventricular wall has been examined by angiographic and by echocardiographic studies in both experimental animals and in man, there are no complete studies of the motion of the left ventricular posterior wall throughout the entire cardiac cycle. Because the posterior wall can be demonstrated echocardiographically in(More)
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