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Sensitive immunosensor for cancer biomarker based on dual signal amplification strategy of graphene sheets and multienzyme functionalized carbon nanospheres.
A novel electrochemical immunosensor for sensitive detection of cancer biomarker alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is described that uses a graphene sheet sensor platform and functionalized carbon nanospheresExpand
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Functionalized graphene oxide as a nanocarrier in a multienzyme labeling amplification strategy for ultrasensitive electrochemical immunoassay of phosphorylated p53 (S392).
P53 phosphorylation plays an important role in many biological processes and might be used as a potential biomarker in clinical diagnoses. We report a new electrochemical immunosensor forExpand
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Self assembly of acetylcholinesterase on a gold nanoparticles-graphene nanosheet hybrid for organophosphate pesticide detection using polyelectrolyte as a linker
A nanohybrid of gold nanoparticles (Au NPs) and chemically reduced graphene oxide nanosheets (cr-Gs) was synthesized by in situgrowth of Au NPs on the surface of graphene nanosheets in the presenceExpand
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Determination of trace aluminum in biological and water samples by cloud point extraction preconcentration and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry detection.
A cloud point extraction (CPE) method for the preconcentration of trace aluminum prior to its determination by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GFAAS) has been developed. The CPEExpand
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Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors Based on Nanomaterials and Nanostructures
Taking advantage of exceptional attributes, such as being easy-to-operate, economical, sensitive, portable, and simple-to-construct, in recent decades, considerable attention has been devoted to theExpand
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Recent progress in nanomaterials for gene delivery applications.
Nanotechnology-based gene delivery is the division of nanomedicine concerned with the synthesis, characterization, and functionalization of nanomaterials to be used in targeted-gene deliveryExpand
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Acetylcholinesterase biosensor design based on carbon nanotube-encapsulated polypyrrole and polyaniline copolymer for amperometric detection of organophosphates.
A simple method to immobilize acetylcholinesterase (AChE) on polypyrrole (PPy) and polyaniline (PANI) copolymer doped with multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) was proposed. The synthesizedExpand
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Application of multiwalled carbon nanotubes for solid-phase extraction of organophosphate pesticide
Abstract Multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) was developed as a new sorbent for solid-phase extraction (SPE) of organophosphate (OP) pesticides. A combination of SPE with square-wave voltammetricExpand
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Covalent coupling of organophosphorus hydrolase loaded quantum dots to carbon nanotube/Au nanocomposite for enhanced detection of methyl parathion.
An amperometric biosensor for highly selective and sensitive determination of methyl parathion (MP) was developed based on dual-signal amplification: (1) a large amount of introduced enzyme on theExpand
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Multiwalled carbon nanotubes microcolumn preconcentration and determination of gold in geological and water samples by flame atomic absorption spectrometry
Abstract The potential of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) as solid-phase extraction adsorbent for the separation and preconcentration of gold has been investigated. Gold could be adsorbedExpand
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