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Many critically ill patients require nutritional support to avoid protein-calorie malnutrition. Enteral administration is preferred because it is less expensive than parenteral nutrition and is associated with fewer complications. Nasogastric insertion is the route most often used; however, oral insertion is required for intubated patients. Administration(More)
Topics 1) Reach considerations for chip-to-module electrical interfaces interfaces 2) Implications of reach considerations for both retimed and un-retimed module interfaces 3) Systems considerations related to the inclusion of FEC for NG PMDs 3 R h C id ti f hi t d l Reach Considerations for chip-to-module electrical interfaces Background • There have been(More)
100 Mb/s hub to end node protocol, but extends to allow multiple hubs to form a single network. Demand Priority supports 2 priority levels, enabling it to support the emerging multimedia applications. This paper describes Demand Priority, and how it combines with the physical layers to support a wide range of media types, particularly all IEEE 802.3(More)
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