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Teams are formed to benefit from an expanded pool of expertise and experience, yet 2 aspects of the conflict stemming from those core differences will ultimately play a large role in determining team viability and productivity: conflict states and conflict processes. The current study theoretically reorganizes the literature on team conflict--distinguishing(More)
A review of 2 cases of 46,XY pure gonadal dysgenesis (Swyer's syndrome) is presented. In one, bilateral gonadoblastomas with dysgerminomas were found at the time of laparotomy for gonadal extirpation. The second case was of interest because of endometriosis on the mesosalpinx, an entity heretofore undescribed in pure gonadal dysgenesis.
Response-cost procedures within a token economy with extremely regressed residents excluded many residents from access to positive reinforcement. Procedures allowing residents to "purchase eligibility" to obtain backup reinforcers through contingent payment on standing fines, combined with proportional fine payoff schedules contingent upon time without new(More)
Quantitative and interview data on rape victims' self-evaluation and attributions of personal responsibility were studied to explore the relevance of theories of "defensive attribution" and maintenance of belief in a "just world." Clinical implications of the findings for adjustment of victims, counseling, victim compensation, and the legal system are(More)
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