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In this paper we describe the OwlSpeak dialogue manager that enables adaptive spoken dialogue within Intelligent Environments. By facilitating an ontology-based model to define both dialogue domain and state during the ongoing dialogue we turn-wise generate VoiceXML dialogue snippets. We define adaptive dialogues to be adaptive regarding devices and(More)
Within the framework of the EU-funded Project ATRACO we have implemented the adaptive Spoken Dialogue Manager Owl Speak. Its most important feature is the ability to pause, resume, and to switch between multiple interactive tasks. These features make the deployed Spoken Dialogue System (SDS) capable of multitasking. In this paper we investigate the effects(More)
We provide a detailed look on the functioning of the OwlSpeak Spoken Dialogue Manager, which is part of the EU-funded project ATRACO. OwlSpeak interprets Spoken Dialogue Ontologies and on this basis generates VoiceXML dialogue snippets. The dialogue snippets can be interpreted by all speech servers that provide VoiceXML support and therefore make the(More)
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