Dan Danielson

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BACKGROUND Value-based insurance design attempts to align drug copayment tier with value rather than cost. Previous implementations of value-based insurance design have lowered copayments for drugs indicated for select "high value" conditions and have found modest improvements in medication adherence. However, these implementations have generally not(More)
Seventy-two crossbred pigs (average initial weight 6 kg) were used to study the effect of L. acidopbilus (lactic acid-producing bacteria common in probiotics) in starter diets on gain, feed conversion, fecal lactobacillus and coli-form counts, hematology and serum proteins. The nonmedicated experimental diets were corn-soybean meal (18% crude protein) diets(More)
An experiment was conducted to determine the influence of feeding ground raw soybeans to swine during gestation on reproductive performance for three consecutive parities. Sixty crossbred gilts were bred and randomly assigned to two dietary treatments with 30 gilts/treatment. The diets were formulated to contain 14% crude protein with either soybean meal(More)