Dan D Lofgreen

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BACKGROUND Multiple technologies have been brought to bear on understanding the three-dimensional morphology of individual neurons and glia within the brain, but little progress has been made on understanding the rules controlling cellular patterning. We describe new matlab-based software tools, now available to the scientific community, permitting the(More)
We demonstrate a novel chemical sensor incorporating a symmetrically-clad high index contrast evanescent field sensing waveguide fabricated with a self-aligned process. An analyte overlap of 4.8% is obtained with a tightly confined mode, ideal for sensitive affinity assays. Introduction. There is a growing need for biochemical sensors that are sensitive,(More)
—We report on the fabrication and operation of the first electrically pumped 1.55-m vertical-cavity laser array for wavelength-division-multiplexing applications. The array consisted of four channels operating between 1509 and 1524 nm. Wafer bonding was used to integrate GaAs–AlGaAs distributed Bragg reflectors with an InP–InGaAsP active region.
Recent advances in photonic integration technology on InP and related materials have enabled continued growth in the scale, performance and quality of active photonic integrated circuits. Complex widely-tunable transmitters, transceivers, and wavelength converters with state-of-the-art performance have been demonstrated. 1. Introduction Photonic integration(More)
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