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We describe the Convex system for extracting concepts from resumes and subsequently matching the best qualified candidates to jobs. A blend of knowledge-based and speculative concept extraction provides high quality results even outside the scope of the built-in knowledge. A comparison test shows the results found by Convex are significantly better than(More)
It is shown that in principle it is possible to obtain values of the formation constants of metal complexes in solution from values of diffusion coefficients. It is also confirmed that, in a system of successively formed complexes, there is a linear relationship between the square root of the diffusion coefficients and the co-ordination numbers of the(More)
The values of the individual diffusion coefficients of the complexes participating in a metal-ligand system of equilibria may be estimated when provisional values of the formation constants have been calculated from diffusion currents. In this paper a new graphical method, involving average diffusion coefficients observed for metal-ligand systems, is(More)
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