Dan Crisu

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This paper presents a versatile hardware/software cosimulation and co-design environment for embedded 3D graphics accelerators. The GRAphics AcceLerator design exploration framework (GRAAL) is an open system which offers a coherent development methodology based on an extensive library of SystemC RTL models of graphics pipeline components. GRAAL incorporates(More)
— In recent years, power consumption has become a critical concern for many VLSI systems. Whereas several case studies demonstrate that technology-, layout-, and gate-level techniques offer power savings of a factor of two or less, architecture and system-level optimization can often result in orders of magnitude lower power consumption. Therefore, the(More)
The paper presents low cost and latency reciprocation for fixed-point datapath of embedded 3D graphics accelerators. The algorithm exploits the limitations of the human visual system that allows a reasonable amount of error to be introduced in the computation process without inducing noticeable image artifacts. In the example given in the paper, excerpted(More)
An efficient low-cost, low-power hardware implementation of a novel run-time pixel coverage mask generation algorithm for embedded 3-D graphics antialiasing purposes is presented. The proposed algorithm can be incorporated in any antialiasing scheme with pre-filtering that is based on algebraic representation of primitive's edges. When compared with the(More)
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