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In this paper, we propose a generalization of Centering Theory (CT) (Grosz, Joshi, Weinstein (1995)) called Veins Theory (VT), which extends the applicability of centering rules from local to global discourse. A key facet of the theory involves the identification of <<veins>> over discourse structure trees such as those defined in RST, which delimit domains(More)
Evaluation campaigns have become an established way to evaluate automatic systems which tackle the same task. This paper presents the first edition of the Anaphora Resolution Exercise (ARE) and the lessons learnt from it. This first edition focused only on English pronominal anaphora and NP coreference, and was organised as an exploratory exercise where(More)
The fifth QA campaign at CLEF, the first having been held in 2006. was characterized by continuity with the past and at the same time by innovation. In fact, topics were introduced, under which a number of Question-Answer pairs could be grouped in clusters, containing also co-references between them. Moreover, the systems were given the possibility to(More)
This paper revises notions related to Language Resources and Technologies (LRT), including a brief overview of some resources developed worldwide and with a special focus on Romanian language. It then describes a joined Romanian, Moldavian, English initiative aimed at developing electronically coded resources for Romanian language, tools for their(More)