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The basic design challenge is to create a system that can display multiple images in a common area, occluding all but the appropriate pair of these images for each user. Thus, the system would deliver a unique image for each eyeball viewing the scene. Solutions fall into four general categories: Spatial barriers use the display's physical configuration and(More)
  • Chairman L Exxon, E Ceffa, +20 authors Johnson J Blanchard
  • 1999
The Oil Industry International Exploration and Production Forum (E&P Forum) is the international association of oil companies and petroleum industry organisations formed in 1974. It was established to represent its members' interests at the International Maritime Organisation and other specialist agencies of the United Nations, European Union, governmental(More)
n a familiar scene from an old movie, generals huddle around a large map, pushing models of tanks and infantry regiments about to indicate the current battle situation. Today, the scene might include electronic displays and networked sensing technology, but the basic form would remain the same: A small group of domain experts surround and gesture toward a(More)
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