Dan Corlette

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In this paper, we describe experiments examining the practicality of applying link prediction to an open large-scale online social network. We rely on metrics that are strictly topological, making use of one previously identified metric and one of our own. We directly address the open nature of the network through a study of the linking dynamics over time(More)
This paper examines the application of an Event-Driven Sampling (EDS) approach to the LiveJournal socialnetwork. The intention of the EDS approach is to capture boththe content of user blogs in conjunction with their friendshiplink dynamics over time with a time step of a single day andwith high accuracy. The EDS approach makes use of the"always on" Atom(More)
This paper describes the motivations, approach, and architecture for using ontologies in knowledge extraction and in applications that assist situated agents in complex information integration tasks. Our approach applies ontologies along with semantic analysis methods to extract task relevant knowledge from distributed, unstructured text sources. This(More)
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