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Fox News and American Politics: How One Channel Shapes American Politics and Society
1. What's in the Media? 2. Media Coverage and Presidential Approval 3. The 2012 Republican Primary Election 4. The 2012 Presidential Election 5. Is the News making you stupid? 6. Conspiracy TheoriesExpand
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Information processing and public opinion
There is some debate as to whether DeTocqueville (1848/1945) was right in claiming that Americans of the 19th century took political discussion and debate as their highest pleasure, but there isExpand
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How men's misplaced sense of masculinity in the face of Covid-19 may be killing them
The evidence and messaging are clear – one of the most important ways that people can protect themselves and others from the spread of Covid-19 is to frequently wash their hands. And yet, accordingExpand
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Priming Bush and Iraq in 2008: A Survey Experiment
Using a question-order experiment, half the respondents in a national RDD (random digit dial) likely voter survey taken just prior to the 2008 Presidential Primary election were primed to think aboutExpand
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Small donors still put their money behind candidates who are already falling, while big donors know when to get out.roundup for 2 – 8 April
The 2016 presidential race has seen a marked difference between how the candidates are raising money for their campaigns with some, such as Democratic hopeful, Bernie Sanders reliant almost entirelyExpand
Why are there more and more guns in America? Blame Fox News
Dan Cassion 80x108Why do Americans buy guns? For many, it’s because they are worried that new gun control measures may stop them from buying guns in the future. Dan Cassino examines the role of theExpand