Dan C. Stefanescu

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BSPlib is a small communications library for bulk synchronous parallel (BSP) programming which consists of only 20 basic operations. This paper presents the full deenition of BSPlib in C, motivates the design of its basic operations, and gives examples of their use. The library enables programming in two distinct styles: direct remote memory access using(More)
A necessary condition for the establishment, on a substantial basis, of a parallel software industry would appear to be the availability of technology for generating transportable software, i.e. architecture independent software which delivers scalable performance for a wide variety of applications on a wide range of multiprocessor computers. This paper(More)
Context adaptation (CA) based on evolutionary algorithms is certainly a promising approach to the development of fuzzy rule-based systems (FRBSs). In CA, a context-free model is instantiated to a context-adapted FRBS so as to increase accuracy. A typical requirement in CA is that the context-adapted system maintains the same interpretability as the(More)
This paper presents a theoretical framework for the eecient scheduling of a class of parallel loop nests on distributed memory parallel computers. The method generates two classes of schedules, evaluates them according to a full-edged cost model and then selects the best option. The cost model used is the Bulk Synchronous Parallel model. The method can(More)
We present a simple method for the general flow analysis of high-order functional programs. The method computes an abstraction of the program's runtime environment via a system of monotonic equations. As the environment can grow unbounded, we exploit patterns in the program's control structure (i.e., the call-tree) to determine some static partition of the(More)
An automated system is developed for lung and mediastinum segmentation in lung CT (Computed Tomography) images for the purpose of using these segmentations not only in CT images but also in PET (Positron Emission Tomography) images to exploit the useful integration of the CT and PET images performed by the highly valuable oncological equipment PET/CT.(More)
In the framework of context adaptation of fuzzy systems, a typical requirement of a contextualized system is to maintain the same interpretability as the original one. Here, we propose a novel index based on a fuzzy ordering relation to provide a measure of interpretability. Our index assesses ordering, distinguishability and coverage at the same time. We(More)