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We have identified 12 kinds of genetic mutations of butyrylcholine esterase (BCHE) from phenotypic abnormalities, showing that BCHE activities were deficient or diminished in sera. These genetic mutations, detected by PCR-single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis and direct sequencing, consisted of one deletion (BCHE*FS4), nine missense (BCHE*24 M,(More)
Molecular evidence linking polyoma virus to p53 inactivation is thus far lacking, setting this highly oncogenic virus apart from other DNA tumor viruses. As a biological test for interaction, we studied the effects of p53 loss on development of virus-induced tumors. The absence of p53 led to more rapid tumor development on two different mouse backgrounds,(More)
Fire suppression allows tree species that are intolerant of fire stress to increase their distribution, potentially resulting in disruption of historical species-environmental relationships. To measure changes between historical General Land Office surveys (1815 to 1850) and current USDA Forest Inventory and Assessment surveys (2004 to 2008), we compared(More)
Due to a mistake during the production process, there was one error in paragraph 3 of the introduction in the original published version [1]. The Forests Editorial Office wishes to make the following correction to this paper. The correct paragraph is shown below: " Canopy disturbance and subsequent increases in the quantity and quality of understory(More)
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