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The regulation of ACC synthase (ACS) genes was studied in early ('Early Golden') and late ('Shiro') Japanese plum cultivars (Prunus salicina L.) in order to determine the role of this gene family in fruit ripening. Of the four Ps-ACS cDNAs isolated, two (Ps-ACS1 and -3) showed differential expression between the two cultivars. Ps-ACS1 accumulated during(More)
Residential land-use expansion, an important component of urban sprawl, has a variety of drivers and environmental implications. The goal of this article is to address the timing, location, and mechanisms of different types of residential development. Using 10 land-parcel data and aerial imagery taken between 1950 and 2000 for eight townships in(More)
Ginseng including North American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.) is one of the most widely used medicinal plants. Its success is thought to be due to a diverse collection of ginsenosides that serve as its major bioactive compounds. However, few genomic resources exist and the details concerning its various biosynthetic pathways remain poorly understood. As(More)
BACKGROUND Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is an important forage crop in North America owing to its high biomass production, perennial nature and ability to fix nitrogen. Feruloyl esterase (EC hydrolyzes ester linkages in plant cell walls and has the potential to further improve alfalfa as biomass for biofuel production. RESULTS In this study, faeB(More)
Detection and quantification of the levels of adventitious presence of genetically modified (GM) soybeans in non-GM grain shipments currently requires sophisticated tests that can have issues with their reproducibility. We show here that pigment biosynthesis in the soybean seed coat can be manipulated to provide a distinct color that would enable the simple(More)
1.0 Introduction Standards bodies have begun the task of defining the ubiquitous Personal Communications System (PCS). Among its many attributes will be the provision for security, both for its user and for the service provider. Any viable security plan for PCS will need to address the classic dichotomy whereby the user wants an easy purchase and convenient(More)
online teaching and learning has gained a tremendous amount of popularity. New Web teaching and learning tools are created at a fast pace to help better address the multitude of teaching and learning styles. Liu and Thompson (1999) found that faculty members are more likely to use a wider variety of educational technologies when exposed to online teaching(More)
If you're an analyst, developer or architect, the chances are that you have heard of the UML (unified modelling language). If you're not already familiar of using OOA/D design methods such as the UML then there is a fair chance the pressure is on to utilize this standard as part of your analysis and design process. To those not familiar with OOAD, either(More)