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In this paper we focus on self-contention – contention between packets of the same transport layer connection along the path from source to destination. We observe that self-contention plays an important role in degrading TCP performance in multi-hop wireless networks and that the use of the popular IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol exacerbates self-contention. We(More)
Introduction: Today the management of the different forms of peritonitis is generally standardised. The classification of primary and secondary peritonitis is well accepted. From a pathophysiological point of view, postoperative and post-traumatic peritonitis should be considered as independent entities. The bacteriological isolates from the inflamed(More)
  • D Berger
  • 1991
Salpingitis remains a public health problem due to their direct cost (hospitalization) and indirect cost (sequelae) and they also confront the clinician with questions concerning the bacteriological diagnosis. It is necessary to multiply the samples taken in order to obtain a series of arguments to attribute the origin of the salpingitis to an organism, if(More)
BACKGROUND Agents for the treatment of HIV-1-infected patients with resistance to current antiretroviral (ART) drugs are needed. METHODS TMC114-C202 was a randomized, partially blinded, dose-finding study in treatment-experienced HIV-1-infected patients with one or more primary protease inhibitor (PI) mutations and HIV-1 RNA > 1000 copies/ml. Patients(More)
  • D Berger
  • 1998
Lipodystrophy is a metabolic phenomena that results in abnormal body composition changes. The causes of lipodystrophy, how it appears and its consequences, and possible treatments are explored. Anecdotal reports show some success in treating lipodystrophy with recombinant human growth hormone (serostim), which has been shown to increase lean body mass as(More)
A paper which contends that social media platforms should be embraced by Universities, as opposed to being regarded with fear or suspicion, as they offer an invaluable resource to not only enhance educational communications, but also to embed into day-today practice the reality that students are active co-producers of content, rather than passive(More)
In situ canalicular carcinomas are defined as malignant, galactophoric epithelial cells, do not invade the basal membrane. The author saw 21 cases of in situ canalicular carcinomas which were treated surgically at the University Hospital of Rennes. It is possible from these cases to include certain themes: there is a pathology of an early carcinoma of the(More)
The authors present a case of primary pure carcinoid tumour of the breast and point out how rare it is and how they made their diagnosis mainly by histology. A review of the literature makes it possible to assess the prognosis which should be good and they also describe the anatomo-pathological findings in these tumours. Finally these tumours show a strange(More)
The authors use two personal cases to review the etiological circumstances, pathology and clinical and paraclinical manifestations, stressing in particular the current value of diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy. Advice is given concerning prevention and treatment.