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In this paper we focus on self-contention – contention between packets of the same transport layer connection along the path from source to destination. We observe that self-contention plays an important role in degrading TCP performance in multi-hop wireless networks and that the use of the popular IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol exacerbates self-contention. We(More)
BACKGROUND Agents for the treatment of HIV-1-infected patients with resistance to current antiretroviral (ART) drugs are needed. METHODS TMC114-C202 was a randomized, partially blinded, dose-finding study in treatment-experienced HIV-1-infected patients with one or more primary protease inhibitor (PI) mutations and HIV-1 RNA > 1000 copies/ml. Patients(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this trial was to assess the relative efficacy of a sage/echinacea spray and a chlorhexidine/lidocaine spray in the treatment of acute sore throats. METHODS This was a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, double-dummy controlled trial carried out in eleven general practices in Switzerland. A total of 154 patients (133 analyzed in(More)
The pathogenesis of peritonitis due to hollow-viscus perforation is currently accepted as being mainly based on the local and systemic release of pro- and anti-inflammatory mediators triggered by the presence of bacteria and bacterial products in the abdominal cavity. Therefore, treatment consists in focal restoration, intraoperative debridement and lavage,(More)
UNLABELLED A longitudinal study was performed to investigate the content of human colostrum and milk of antibodies against endotoxins of Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Salmonella minnesota during the first 6 mo of lactation. The influence of the gestational age of the newborn and the prevalence of a systemic infection in the child on maternal(More)
for his input on a draft of this document and continual wisdom regarding development. Most importantly, I would like to thank my advisor, Dr. Tom Payne, for his support on what once seemed like a small project. Over the past year the author has experimented with various approaches to Computer-Aided Assessment (CAA) ranging from custom shell-scripts for(More)
A paper which contends that social media platforms should be embraced by Universities, as opposed to being regarded with fear or suspicion, as they offer an invaluable resource to not only enhance educational communications, but also to embed into day-today practice the reality that students are active co-producers of content, rather than passive(More)
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Joel Stewart practices exclusively in the area of immigration law. Mr. Stewart specialized in Romance and Slavic Linguistics before receiving a J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law, and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Russian. He is Past President of the South Florida Chapter of the American Immigration(More)